The World’s Biggest Casino

Where do you think the biggest casino in the world is located? Las Vegas? Atlantic City? Somewhere in the Caribbean? These are all good guesses, but the answer is Macao, China. In fact, Macao is home to five of the world’s 10 largest casinos, including the record-holding Venetian Macao.

The Venetian Macao opened in 2007 and encompasses a mind-boggling 546,000 square feet of casino space, or 10,500,000 square feet if you count the entire resort. It is large enough to hold ninety 747 Boeing jets or 3,000 gaming machines, 870 table and poker games, 24 restaurants and bars, and 3,000 hotel rooms. There is also a 15,000 seat arena for special events. Many well-known musical groups have performed at the Venetian Macao, including The Police, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, and more.

Interested in a stay at the world’s biggest casino? A one-night stay in July will cost you anywhere between $218 - $327. Visit The Venetian Macao to learn more.

Here are a few pics of the world’s largest casino.

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