Tired of Your Fat Bottom? Meet Autom...

This cute little bugger is Autom, a weight loss robot that is set to hit US markets later this year.

Developed by Cory Kidd, a robot nerd from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Autom is a social robot designed to help dieters track their diet and exercise regimen and keep them from getting discouraged. She does this (yes, they've assigned the robot a sex) by asking a series of questions about a person's diet, weight, exercise routine, and goals and then using this information to offer personalized advice. So far users can't talk back (they have to answer Autom's questions by entering info via a touch screen), but plans are already in the works to add voice recognition technology as well as a host of other spiffy new features.

Autom will cost anywhere between $400-$500, but developers claim dieters stick to their weight loss plan twice as long with Autom than with other methods so it could be worth the extra cash. Interested? Here's Autom's promo video.

Introducing Autom™ from Erica Young on Vimeo.


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