Toshiba Unveils Glasses-less 3D TV

Like 3D films but hate wearing those tacky plastic glasses? Toshiba is betting the answer is yes and has created a 3D TV that eliminates the need for special glasses. 

The electronics giant unveiled its glasses-less 3D TV, the 3D Regza, at a Ceatec preview on Monday and trade show attendees flocked to the demonstrations to get a better look.

According to CNET reporters, the TVs work “surprisingly well,” though viewers have to sit very close to the center of the screen to get the effect. Moving too far to the right or too far to the left will also compromise the 3D image.

Toshiba displayed three different models at Monday’s preview: a 12-inch model, a 20-inch model, and a 56-inch model. Beginning in December, the Japanese public can purchase a 12-inch set for around $1,500, while the 20-inch model will retail for $2,099. The 56-inch model is just a prototype. 

Unfortunately, Toshiba does not know when, or if, they will sell the 3D TVs in other countries so don't toss out those 3D glasses just yet.

Source: CNET

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