Trade Your Tired Tunes for an Amazon Gift Card

Got an old Meatloaf, Garth Brooks, or White Zombie CD? Trade those tired tunes for an Amazon gift card! The online retailer recently announced that it has expanded its existing trade-in program to include compact discs.

Swapping your old CDs is easy. First, head over to Amazon’s CD swap page to see the trade-in value of your tunes. Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell, for example, will get you up to $1.10, while Garth Brooks’ Ultimate Hits will bring in $2.65. Once you’ve committed to a trade, print off a pre-paid shipping label, mail off your unwanted music, and receive an Amazon gift card in return.

The amount of the gift card depends on the item’s value, of course, as well as its age and condition. Amazon examines CDs before crediting accounts, so claiming your Hangin Tough CD ($1.10) is in mint condition when it’s actually riddled with scratches will get you nowhere. Unfortunately for case-tossing fools like me, the site also requires the CD to come with its original case and artwork.

In addition to CDs, Amazon's trade-in program accepts video games, DVDs, textbooks, and old gadgets like iPods and digital cameras. Will cassette tapes and VHS be next?

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