Update: Apple Rejects Smuggle Truck App

In February, we brought you news of Smuggle Truck, a controversial app that appears to poke fun at the perils illegal immigrants face when attempting to cross the U.S. – Mexico border. Apple has since rejected the controversial app, but all is not lost for the game’s developer.  

“We were denied,” Owlchemy Labs said of its submission to Apple. “We therefore decided to create Snuggle Truck. Snuggle Truck will feature a group of cuddly creatures escaping the wilderness for the comfort of a zoo, where they're provided plenty of food, shelter, and state-of-the-art healthcare,” Owlchemy explained.

Pretty clever. For its part, Owlchemly Labs insists Smuggle Truck, which features illegal immigrants avoiding obstacles like canyons, rivers, and armadillos in a race for the border, was meant to be satirical not offensive.

"Smuggle Truck was inspired by the frustration our friends have experienced in trying to immigrate to the United States," the Boston-based firm said in an online statement. “With such a troublesome issue being largely avoided in popular media, especially video games, we felt the best way to criticize it was with an interactive satire.”

Apparently Apple disagreed. Not surprisingly, Smuggle Truck has drawn a lot of heat from critics who don’t buy Owlchemy Lab’s claims.

Snuggle Truck is now available in the App Store for $1.99 (iPhone) and $2.99 (iPad). The original Smuggle Truck is available for Mac or PC for $5.

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