Video: iPad Falls 100,000 Feet, Survives

In a recent video, G-Form, a company dedicated to building “innovative protective and shock-absorbing products,” places an iPad in one of their newest products, the Extreme Sleeve for iPad, and drops it from a weather balloon 100,000 feet in the air. G-Form hoped to prove the Extreme Sleeve would protect the iPad from major damage and, if the video below is to be believed, it seems they made their point. After plummeting from the edge of space, the iPad emerged from its sleeve with nary a dent or scratch. Check it out.

Of course, not everyone is a believer. As a quick glance at the YouTube comments shows, more than a few viewers believe G-Form faked the drop. In June, tested another G-Form product, the Extreme Edge Case, tossing it (and the iPad inside) from a three-story building. The result? A shattered iPad.

What do you think of the G-Form video? Real or fake?

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