WALdock: Cool, Compact iPod and iPhone Dock

Wish there was a way to listen to music from your iPod or iPhone without the earbuds and without having to plug in to your computer or stereo? The currently-in-development WALdock allows you to play your tunes with high quality sound, just by cordlessly plugging in to any wall outlet. Plus, it charges at the same time. (Watch the video below!)

This speaker / charger dock is different in that it's portable, cordless, and delivers the biggest and best sound possible for its small size. The design includes an extra large 40mm driver and a special "bass chamber" to reverberate the output sound like a sub-woofer.   

An independent designer from Boston, MA began this project as a simple prototype. With the help of the funding platform Kickstarter, the product appears to have enough pledges to move forward with development.

Check it out!

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