Want a Prediction From a Psychic Octopus? There's an App For That!

Though Paul the Octopus will no longer make psychic predictions (handlers announced his "retirement" last week), a new iPhone app called "Ask the Octopus" has captured his prognosticating spirit.

For those not in the know, Paul is a psychic German octopus who correctly predicted the results of all of Germany's games in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He also correctly called Spain as the winner. Paul makes his predictions based on food trays lowered into his tank with flags or names written on them. Some unhappy soccer fans wished death upon poor Paul, but Spain and Russia have offered him a new home in hopes of utilizing his unusual talent. Paul's handlers say he'll stay put in Germany.

In "Ask the Octopus," users think of a question they wish to ask, for example, will Lindsay Lohan serve her full jail sentence, and then enter possible answers. Paul will then summon all of his psychic powers and float down to make a selection.

The app is not officially affiliated with Paul, but it's all in good fun and we're sure the octopus would approve. Get it today for only 0.99!

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