Want to Replace Your iPad With an iPad 2? Try Gazelle.com

With the launch of iPad 2, many people are thinking of selling their original iPad to make way for Apple’s newest tablet. However, with eBay’s fees and Craigslist’s scammers many people are uncomfortable selling their used electronics online. That’s where Gazelle.com comes in.

Gazelle.com is a reCommerce service that buys and recycles used electronics. With over 22 categories, including Cell Phones, Cameras, E-Readers, and Laptops, Gazelle will buy just about any item with a plug (and many items without).

Using Gazelle is simple. Users only have to enter the electronic they’re hoping to sell, answer a few questions about the item’s condition, and review Gazelle.com’s monetary offer. If the user likes the offer, he or she then ships the item off to Gazelle’s headquarters (the site even helps with shipping!), and awaits payment from the site. Users can choose to be paid via check, PayPal, Walmart Prepaid Visa, or Amazon.com gift card, or they can donate the money to one of 100 approved charities. Gazelle will also accept and recycle items without value. Sweet!

FYI: Gazelle.com will pay around $331 for a 32GB WiFi iPad in great condition, while a 32 GB WiFi + 3G in great condition will get you $396. Click here to get started trading your iPad for an iPad 2.

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