Want to get a good deal? Check out Groupon!

Democracy is alive an well on the net. Groupon is a website where the masses help get great deals of random things in their respective geographical areas. The tagline is "one ridiculously huge coupon each day, on the best things to eat, see, do and buy in [your area]".

The premise is simple:

  • Businesses post a deal that people can get only if they reach a certain demand
  • People join the site and tell their friends to go sign up so they can all get this awesome deal
  • Once the quota is reached, the deal becomes real
  • All rejoice!

Groupon has over 200 employees in their Chicago office that scour the Web to help bring these localized deals to the World. They claim to have saved people over $182 million through their daily deals. So, if you like deals, Groupon is for you. Also, they give people that drive new members a $10 spiff, so bust open your Address Book and get moving.

Another Website you'll enjoy if you are a deal hunter is Woot.

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