Website Helps People Find Their Lost Cell Phones

We’ve all been there: digging through our purses with that pang of realization: ohmygosh, where is my phone? Used to be, when you lost your cell phone, you had to rely on a friend to call it for you – and even then, if it was on vibrate, you were out of luck.

Now, with the website I Can’t Find My Phone, you simply type your digits into the keypad, hit the “Hello” button, and the web site automatically calls your phone!

I personally think this is a great idea… I’m not usually too absentminded, but the one time I did lose my phone, it was late at night, during the winter in Chicago, and I had been walking home when I slipped on ice and the phone flew out of my coat pocket. Once I got home about a block later, I realized it was gone and had to have a friend call it, and eventually walk back to said ice-slipping spot. Talk about adding insult to injury!

I’m sure I’ll use this service at least once. What about everyone else? Do you guys misplace your phones a lot?

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