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Here at, we usually focus on funny, weird, or downright stupid iPhone apps, but today we’d like to discuss iSketch, a drawing app for iPhone and iPod touch. What’s so special about iSketch? It was created by an sick 11-year-old boy named Cameron who has since recovered from his ailment and has chosen to donate a portion of the app’s earnings to charity.

When Cameron became ill last year, he received treatment from UCLA's Medical Center and Orthopedic Hospital. While he was recovering, Cameron developed an interest in computer programming and was able to teach himself a number of different programming languages. He was most interested in Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, however, and this interest led him to develop iSketch. Despite the alleged difficulty of Apple’s app approval process, the company approved iSketch in December and consumers can now purchase the app for 0.99. Cool!

What makes this story even more inspiring is that Cameron has decided to donate a portion of iSketch’s earnings to the hospital system that treated him. In iSketch’s official description he writes:

“Inspired by the care I received at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopedic Hospital, I have dedicated a portion of the proceeds from the sales of iSketch to purchase entertainment and electronic items for Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA’s Child Life/Child Development programs in Westwood and Santa Monica so that pre-teens and teens will have additional age-appropriate options available to them during their hospital stays.”

Here’s to Cameron for overcoming adversity and making the world a better place!

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