Weird iPhone App of the Day: AcneApp

Use AcneApp once a day and keep zits at bay?

According to Houston dermatologist Greg Pearson, the answer is yes. Designed with "some science" in mind, AcneApp uses alternating bursts of red and blue light to zap away unslightly pimples and smooth out wrinkles. To use, acne-afflicted individuals simply need to fire up the app, hold the iPhone up to their faces, and prepare to be amazed.  

Pearson's untraditional iPhone treatment hasn't been approved by the FDA (surprise), so he can't say much about the alleged medical benefits, but the doctor insists that light treatments are more effective in battling acne than over-the-counter medication. Sorry Jessica Simpson.

At only $1.99, AcneApp is certainly cheaper than most zit medication and teens are sure to love the idea of treating acne with their cell phones.

Here's a video of Dr. Pearson discussing his creation.

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