Weird iPhone App of the Day: VooDoo

Are you holding a grudge against an ex? Is someone at work really pissing you off? Then you need VooDoo, an iPhone app that lets users channel their rage onto a virtual voodoo doll.

The app is relatively simple. Users can shove imaginary pins into a generic cartoon doll, or better yet, upload a despised person’s photo onto the doll’s face and go to town. The doll squirms and moans each time a user punctures its eyes, head, heart, or crotch (among other places) and may even spout off a few witticisms (“I don’t have insurance!” or “I’m calling my lawyer!”) Once a person is finished torturing a doll, he or she can email the results to friends, family, or the voodoo victim himself. Excellent! 

Want to relieve a little stress? Download the VooDoo app today.

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