Who Will Star in Spiderman 4?

With the unexpected departure of Spiderman star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi, the future of Spiderman 4 is uncertain at best. Despite the upheaval, Columbia Pictures recently announced that it has no plans to abandon the film and will in fact release a rebooted version in 2012.

Though no one is really sure who will direct or star in the newest film, more than enough people are willing to place a wager and that is where online sportsbooks like BetUS.com come into place.

Here are the most recent odds on who will replace Tobey Maguire:

Robert Pattinson  4/1

Michael Cera        6/1

Johnny Simmons  7/1

Logan Lerman      8/1

Aaron Johnson    10/1

Zac Efron              6/1

Andrew Garfield     8/1

Daniel Radcliffe    10/1

Penn Badgley        8/1

Anton Yelchin       10/1

Fans may also bet on whether Spiderman 4 will outsell The Dark Knight and if Tobey Maguire will ever make another Spiderman movie. Care to make a wager?

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