With JibJab Jr. e-Books, Your Child Can Be a Star

Looking for a good children’s book? JibJab, the company behind fun video cards like ElfYourself, now offers customizable e-books in which your child can be the star.

Here’s how it works.

First, download the free JibJab Jr. iPad app from iTunes. One title, The Biggest Pizza Ever is available for free, though other e-books cost $7.99 apiece. Users also have the option of subscribing to the JibJab Jr.  Book of the Month Club for $3.99 a month.

Customizing the e-book is as easy as uploading your child’s photo from the iPad library and typing in his or her name. Have more than one kid? Don’t worry. Parents can add multiple children to the book.

The Biggest Pizza Ever is the tale of a child (yours) who causes mayhem with a gigantic pizza. The other title currently up for grabs is The Alphabet Wrangler, a book about a boy or girl who must capture escaped letters. Additional e-books are in the works.

“Our mission is to enhance the special wind-down time you spend with your child sharing stories at bedtime,” JibJab writes. “So download the app, turn out the lights, and take your child on a personalized journey unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before!

Check out the JibJab Jr. app here.

This looks fun, I can’t wait to try it with my daughter.

Source: Gadgetbox on msnbc.com, Photos: JibJab Jr. Books

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