With SixthSense Technology the World is Literally at Your Fingertips

Though iPhones are all the rage now, the SixthSense technology from MIT Media Lab may very well render them obsolete. SixthSense is a "wearable gestural interface" that allows users to make any surface interactive. Forget touch screens.

SixthSense is a mini projector, a camera, a cell phone, and the Internet, all in one. Need to check your email on the go? Simply draw an @ sign in the air and wait for the mail to appear on a table, a wall, or anywhere you choose. Want to take a picture but forget your digital camera? No problem. Just make a photo frame with your hands and SixthSense will save a picture of whatever's inside. You can even watch relevant videos while reading the newspaper or dial a phone number from your hand!

The technology is difficult to adequately describe so here's a video. No word on when SixthSense will be available to the general public or how much it will cost.

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