World's First QR Code Coin

The Royal Dutch Mint in the Netherlands designs special commemorative coins each year. However, since this year is the building's 100th anniversary, they decided to combine history with modern technology.

The "100 Years Mint Building" is the world's first coin designed with a QR code.

Juan José Sánchez Castaño, an artist at the Royal Dutch Mint, incorporated unique elements of the Mint building, along with a 3D portrait of Queen Beatrix. There are even 6 hidden letters engraved on the coin, which are only visible by rotating it into the light. (Watch the video below!)

This coin is also the first in which the Queen is smiling with an open mouth.

Two versions are available, the 5-euro silver edition and the 10-euro gold edition. The QR code leads to a website dedicated to the Mint's anniversary. Have fun playing Memory with Dutch Commemorative Coins!

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