World's Most Expensive Model Car

The doors open and the wheels turn, but you can't drive this Lamborghini Aventador. The 1:8 scale model was built by German engineer Robert Gulpen and actually costs 12 times more than the real thing!

With diamonds embedded into the steering wheel, seats, and headlights, Gulpen describes the model as "extreme and uncompromising, exclusive, sensual, and challenging, just like a real Lamborghini." 

The body, doors, and hood are made from carbon fiber with threads of solid gold, and the rims and interiors are platinum. While it took the engineer over 500 hours to construct the small car, he will be sufficiently compensated once his creation goes to auction in December. The starting bid will be around $4.5 million, yet you can buy the real Lamborghini for just $480,000.

Until the Sothby's auction, the model will be showcased in a bulletproof glass case with electronic safeguards. It will be on display at the Frankfurt Auto Show starting September 25th.

Plus, Gulpen got three entries in the Guinness World Record Book for World's Most Expensive and Precious Model Car, World's Most Secure Showcase, and World's Most Luxurious Logo. He plans to share some of his profit from the sale to charities of his and the buyer's choice.

Source, Photo: Oddity Central

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