Would You "Wear the Web" with Skanz Bands?

If you saw someone with a code printed on their skin, that could easily be scanned to access all of their personal information, you might think you were watching some futuristic sci-fi movie. However, a new product has some people worried that this far-fetched feature could soon become a reality.

Skanz Bands™ allow you to "wear the web" with wristbands, stickers, and cell phone covers that feature QR codes for users to share contact information, social networking sites, music and more. Is this innovative... or too intrusive?

The first step is to set up a Scanzsite™ to include all of the information you want to share. That info is stored on a mobile QR code, called a Socialprint. That code can be printed on colorful wristbands, stickers and decals, or cell phone covers. Anyone will a QR code reader app can simply scan your code to access your information.

Security measures are being implemented, where users can set passwords to protect all or certain sections of information.

While the company intends to initially market the product to younger social media mavens, it believes Skanz Bands could be used professionally, eventually replacing business cards.

Creating a Skanzsite and getting a QR code is free, while stickers are $5, wristbands are $15, and cell phone covers cost $20. When Skanz launches next month, it plans to have free Skanz QR code reader apps for both Androids and iPhones.

Many people think we're already obsessed with oversharing. Do you think this kind of product is really necessary?

Source: ConsumerReports.org

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