Yahoo Laying Off as Many as 150 Employees

Yahoo, after already giving the axe to 600 workers a month ago, said Tuesday that as many as 150 more will be laid off. The news came as Yahoo reported that cost-cutting measures helped the Internet giant more than double its net earnings in the fourth quarter, even as revenue fell 12%.

While Yahoo has shed quite the chunk of its employees – down to roughly 13,500 worldwide – since Carol Bartz took over as CEO two years ago, she said during a conference call that she intends on making other hires to create new products.

Yahoo is also focused on media content creation via the hiring of bloggers and editors, and a few strategic acquisitions.  But when an analyst asked about costs and employees associated with that effort, Bartz indicated that the real challenge is in steering the relevant content to proper users.

Her goal, she said, is to deliver 630 million unique experiences to their users, each one based on their individual interests and geographical locations.

“It’s all about focus,” she said.

Yahoo’s shares fell 7 cents on Tuesday and an additional 2% after the market’s closing bell.

Meanwhile, the value of Google, Yahoo’s chief rival, briefly overtook that of 100-year-old IBM  before its shares also settled in for a loss. At the end of trading Tuesday, Apple was the world’s most valuable tech company with a worth of $315 billion.

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