YouTube to Launch New Horror Channel - BlackBoxTV

On Friday, April 13th, YouTube will officially launch BlackBoxTV, a new online television station dedicated to the horror genre. The folks at Bloody Disgusting sat down with BlackBoxTV creator Tony E. Valenzuela and producer Anthony E. Zuiker (CSI) to learn what sort of chills the new channel will serve up. Here are a few of the interview highlights:

On what sort of content BlackBoxTV will release:

Anthony: “The bulk of our programming will be the return of BlackBoxTV, in the form of a series. It's a new anthology genre series, containing horror, thriller, and sci-fi that we're describing as The Twilight Zone set in the town of Twin Peaks… Once a month we'll have a short film of the week in the form of Anthony E. Zuiker Presents…Another show we have is called True Stories, a doc-style show that is an overnight experience where unexplained events have occurred...Black Fridays, in partnership with, is a hosted show featuring what's new in genre programming... And finally, a couple times a year, we'll have a "Film Festival" style show where we premiere or highlight the best of short films, web series, and more.”

On what to expect of BlackBoxTV’s short films:

Anthony: "Honestly, great stories - well told. We're looking to have a little fun, toss in a little darkness and try and do something you've never seen before."

On YouTube’s role in scripted programming:

Anthony: “I think we have a really amazing opportunity here. Our goal is to bring the same level of storytelling that you see on television and in features to the web. Thanks to YouTube, not only have been provided the means to produce those stories at an exceptionally high level but we also have a distributor who is interested and willing to provide that content to the masses… We are going to show YouTube and the world exactly what we can do with the medium. I honestly don't see a limit to YouTube and I want to see how far we can push it.”

Check out to read the rest of the interview.

Though BlackBox TV doesn’t officially launch until April, fans can visit to view prequels, haunting investigations, casting news, behind-the-scenes features, and much more. Here are a few of the channel’s current offerings.

BlackBox TV Promo

Investigation of the Haunted Queen Mary Ship

BlackBoxTV: Urban Legend Collaboration
(3 Short Films Based on Urban Legends)

As a horror fan, I think BlackBoxTV sounds intriguing and I'll be sure to check out the new content (especially the haunting investigations). What are your thoughts?

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