YouTube to Launch Original Channels Next Year?


Does YouTube plan to launch a series of original channels early next year? Reports on the Net suggest that they are, and the popular video sharing site may also be hosting a high-stakes competition to find the nation’s best producers.

According to All Things D, YouTube is currently searching for professional video producers to create original content for the site’s upcoming channels. Each of the 20 channels will reportedly focus on a specialized topic – for instance, food, sports, and entertainment news – with producers consistently creating unique and compelling content that is also advertiser friendly.

The chosen producers will reportedly receive a number of amazing perks including $5 million to create a branded channel and the chance to split ad revenue 50/50 once YouTube recoups its original $5 million investment. The channels, which are expected to appear on YouTube in January, will also enjoy prominent placement and aggressive promotion.

Nothing about the rumored contest is certain, however. The information on All Things D comes from unnamed sources who are supposedly familiar with the process. When Venture Beat contacted YouTube about the competition, a representative of the popular video sharing site said that they “don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” There is, therefore, no word on how to apply or where YouTube is searching for talent.

Would you watch original channels on YouTube or do you prefer more traditional mediums?

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