Zac Efron to Star in Spiderman 4?

Is Zac Efron the face of the next Spiderman?

According to a report in OK Magazine (UK), the answer is yes! The High School Musical (HSM) heart throb will allegedly receive $14 million to star in the 4th installment of the popular Spiderman series and Efron's girlfriend and HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens may even appear in the movie as well. Hudgens would of course play the role of Mary Jane, Peter Parker's love interest.

“It would be a great coup to land her as well," a studio insider reportedly told OK Magazine. “The franchise would be revitalised and transformed by two of Hollywood’s most gifted and fast-rising young stars."

Many have speculated about who will replace Tobey Maguire in Spiderman 4 and even allowed gamblers to place bets on who will ultimately snag the role. As of January 18, the odds for Zac Efron were 6/1. Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Aaron Johnson were other contenders.

For now, the report is just speculation. There have been no official announcements.

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