iPad Magazine from Aol Picks Stories Specifically For You

Magazines can be kind of irritating – more often than not, there’s a handful of articles you’ll read and the rest is basically worthless. Which, let’s face it, doesn’t make for a great deal in terms of buying magazines. That’s where Aol steps in! Introducing an app called Aol Editions  -- it launches tomorrow, and its laid out like a magazine, but pulls content from many different sources based on your preferences.

Every day, a new issue is delivered to you, with content based on your location and news preferences that you choose when you first launch the app. Not only can you define individual sections (local news, entertainment), but you can also choose the sources from which Aol Edition pulls the stories from!  Unfortunately, it seems that the Aol-owned Huffington Post comes preloaded, and you can’t remove it from your aggregate source list.

You can also tether the app to your social networks and Aol Instant Messenger accounts, so you can see what your friends are sharing and passing along. Set your zipcode for local news, and enter some color preferences, and you’ll have a pretty personalized magazine! The back page even has horoscopes, for those readers who enjoy a little astrology.

No word yet on if the app is free or if it will cost money – but if I had to guess, since it’s just aggregated content assembled for you, nothing original, I’d guess it’d be free. Let’s hope so!


photo courtesy of aol

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