AOL to Eliminate 900 Jobs After HuffPost Merger

The CEO of AOL, Tim Armstrong, has announced it will cut around 600 jobs, move around 300 more jobs, and lay off around 200 people following the AOL/Huffington Post merger. The 300 job move-arounds will be outsourcing partners as part of operational changes.

Armstrong says the company will be reducing its online brands and sites from around 340 to just 40, in order to focus on the strongest ones. He told the 2011 Media Summit that he announced to AOL staff this morning three things that led to cuts and reassignments.

Those three things were the effect of integrating Huffington Post, a reduction in the number of AOL’s brands and sites, and changes in AOL’s India operation. Overall, 900 jobs would be affected.

Armstrong did not discuss the fate of specific brands or sites, but he predicted that in the future, people won’t have 50 apps on their mobile devices, and will instead have “a set of brands that will allow you to navigate and curate your existence.”

He says that with the addition of The Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington, AOL will “end up being a better content company.“ Huffington is now overseeing AOL’s editorial operations.

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