5 Great Apps for Students

Summer is winding to a close and soon students will head back to school. However, unlike the days of yore, today’s youth have a variety of entertaining and education iPhone apps at their disposal. Here are 5 cool iPhone apps for students or those who just want to learn something new.

SAT® Vocab Challenge Vol. 1, $4.99

Future college students can prepare for the SAT by reviewing 250 of the most frequent vocab words encountered on the exam. Users can learn not only the definition of a word, but synonyms, antonyms, and positive and negative connotations. Students will be in ebullient mood after they master this vocab challenge. 

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National Geographic World Atlas, $1.99

Wondering where Tunisia is located? Need to know the population of Zimbabwe? The National Geographic World Atlas app is here to help students (and non-students) brush up on world geography and learn about the flags and nations of the world. Sure, globes and encyclopedias do the same thing but you can’t carry them around half as easily.

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Free Graphing Calculator, FREE!

Once upon a time, students who needed to perform graphing calculations had to buy or borrow clunky, complicated calculators. Not anymore! This graphing calculator app is free and can graph up to four equations at once, find roots and intersections, convert units, provide forgotten formulas on demand, and more!

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Spanish 101, $7.99

Students can improve their Spanish language skills using the easy and convenient Spanish 101 iPhone app. The app includes basic vocabulary in a variety of categories, fun games and quizzes, native speaker audio pronunciations, and many other useful tools. Spanish 102 is also available as is French, German, Italian, and Russian 101.

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Free Books, 0.99

Offering 23,469 classic books for free, the aptly-named Free Books app can save students a trip to the library in addition to some heavy lifting. The app features a “lightning fast” built-in e-reader complete with automatic bookmarking and the ability to send an e-book to email or a Kindle. All this for less than a cup of coffee.

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These are just a few of the many, many educational apps available on iTunes under the “Education” category. Follow the link to see more.

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