New Barbie Will Come Fully Equipped with Tiny Camera

Experts are slamming a new Barbie doll on the market, saying that because of its hidden camera incorporated into the doll’s necklace, that the toy could be a “pedophile’s paradise.”

Let me explain. Apparently, Barbie Video Girl encourages children to “get creative and film themselves playing.” Recorded footage can be viewed on a screen on Barbie’s back, edited on a computer, and shared on the Internet. A-ha! The Internet.

A description f the toy from Mattel said used could use the camera to “capture everything from a dolly’s-eye-view, then watch it instantly or upload to your computer.” A weird premise, no doubt. Clinical psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack said she was horrified the toy company would come up with such a concept. She acknowledged that it was intended to be fun, but that the doll was open to abuse, saying it “would be easy for someone with evil intentions to hand the doll to a child.”

Alright, does everyone think this is just a little crazy here? I don’t agree with the idea that kids should be able to upload the videos to the Internet, but implying that some sicko is going to give small children a doll in hopes of getting them to film something dirty, then take the toy away to watch said video? It’s kind of far-fetched, and a far-too-involved ploy to get to the kids. Whatever happened to just offering candy to young bystanders? Ah, I’m kidding! But still, a video-capturing Barbie is probably not going to cause the traumatic experiences that psychologists and other boycotters of the toy are claiming.

What do you think? Would you buy the Barbie Video Girl for your child?

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