Netflix Coverage Finally Added to Boxee Box

Instead of going out tonight, Boxee Box users may choose to stay home and watch a romantic comedy, a sappy love story, or even an anti-Valentine’s day flick (looking at you, anything-that-isn’t-The-Notebook), because Netflix is finally available on the Boxee Box. Boxee announced today that it has added Netflix capabilities for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

“Netflix support was the most common request we had on our blog comments, forum posts, tweets, etc. We heard you loud and clear,” Boxee chief executive Avner Ronen wrote in a blog post. “We were bummed that we could not make it happen earlier, but are very excited to have it out today.”

Boxee was scheduled to have Netflix support by the end of January, but announced on February 1 that it was not ready to be added because Boxee had “not yet satisfied Netflix’s security requirements.”

Those security issues have apparently been resolved -- now, users can update their Boxee Box software and gain access to Netflix.

Boxee said that the version of Netflix running on its “Box” is different from the PC/Mac version, in that it includes “the brand new Netflix UI, which they constantly update, test, and improve.” Also included in the Boxee Box Netflix application are more discovery options and HD movies.

The Boxee Box was released in early November 2010, with Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus disappointingly absent. Vudu was expected to arrive in November, but was not available until late January. No work on Hulu Plus yet.

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