Boxee Box Launches, Adds Netflix and Hulu Plus Support

For all of you anti-cable company warriors out there, you’ll be pleased to know that the Boxee Box, which launched yesterday, has added Netflix and Hulu Plus support to its roster of apps. Netflix will be supported by the end of the year, and Hulu Plus integration is on deck. Those premium subscription apps will join others like Vudu (a pay-per-view movie service), as well as MUBI, OpenFilm, IndieMoviesOnline, and EZTakes.  Boxee also supports MLB TV, NHL GameCenter, Flickr, and Pandora – just to name a few.

For those not yet familiar with Boxee or its recently-launched “Box”, it’s a device manufactured by D-Link that is used to store and broadcast both your own media files as well as streaming content from its hardware to your television. In simpler terms, if you like to store your TV shows and movies on a computer and are currently using a variety of cables to hook it up to your television, you’ll no longer have to. Alteratively, if you prefer to be cable-company-free and choose to watch your shows streaming from the Internet on various web sites, you'll be able to do that as well, as the Boxee Box also finds your favorite shows and movies on the internet and lets you play them easily. You simply choose the show you want to watch, click play, and Boxee does the rest. 

Additionally, the Boxee Box makes popular video, music, and photo apps available to users – check out your friends’ new Facebook albums on your big, HD TV screen, or listen to Pandora’s radio stations through bigger (TV, not laptop) speakers while you clean your house.

The Boxee Box’s main competition seems to be Apple TV, but Apple TV is mainly tailored to things you’re able to play on your iPod. The Boxee Box can play almost anything that can be played on a computer – live shows, sports games, concerts, and more. Basically, if you can watch it on the web, you can watch it on your TV using the Boxee Box.

Another competitor was GoogleTV, but a couple days ago, many content providers started blocking their sites from GoogleTV’s hardware – making the content nonexistent, and therefore making GoogleTV all but useless to its users. By signing app-based partners like Netflix and Hulu, Boxee is ensuring that the content its users want will actually be there.

For more information on the Boxee Box, the Boxee interface, or to order the Boxee Box, click here

The Boxee Box retails for $199.

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