Telescopic Lens Lets iPad 2 Users Zoom In

If you’ve ever felt like the camera on your iPad 2 didn’t let you lurk on your neighbors – I meannnnnn the birds in your yard – hard enough, you’re in luck – the Apple iPad 2 Telescope provides 6x zoom for your pictures and videos.

The product comes from a company called Brando and is used by attacking a back cover that encloses the telescope to the back of your iPad. You then simply adjust the clear focus and snap away!

The company also makes the telescopic lens for various phone models, but due to its size, it seems most practical for the iPad 2.

The telescopic lens retails for $26 and is available at

What would you do with a 6x telescopic lens if you had it? The device would probably be good for birdwatching, but I’m not sure I can think of too many instances that one would need a telescopic lens for their iPad camera.

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