BrewGene: A Search Engine for Beers

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For the craft beer connoisseur, it seems there’s always something new on the shelf to try out. The problem is, if you want to try more beers but are also trying to stay within a budget, it can be frustrating to pick out ones that you don’t end up liking. Thankfully, a new iPhone app®, BrewGene®, can help you avoid picking “lesser” beers. The app also provides users with a way to remember which beers you tried and liked!

The idea was conceived in 2008, when one of the app’s developers realized during beer browsing that he couldn’t remember which ones he’d already tried and liked. Another developer had a similar idea, expressing that he wanted a way to know which beers he would probably like, based on his previous preferences.

The app allows users to rate beers and find new beers to try based on various search criteria, as well as network with other beer lovers. To use the app, subscribers log in and can then search for a certain type of beer or a specific brand name, in order to check up on reviews of popular brews. The app also maintains a list of its 100 highest-ranked drafts, so if you don’t feel like sifting through pages and pages of search results, you can try one of the app’s top picks!

BrewGene is free and is available on the App Store®.

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