Bridesmaid Attends Wedding Via iPad

It happens to everyone: scheduling conflicts or an extra-long distance makes it impossible for us to be somewhere we’ve been invited to. Such was the case of a bridesmaid named Renee, who attended the wedding of Jonathan Alberico and Jamie Wilborn – via iPad screen!

During the YouTube video of the wedding, Jamie says, “Renee called dibs to be my bridesmaid many many moons ago and unfortunately she couldn’t physically make it out here but thank you, technology.” Jamie holds up a white iPad (that’s second generation, the one that is FaceTime-enabled!) and says “Here is Renee. She got to see the whole ceremony, she got to meet everyone and be here for the reception.”

While the “live via satellite” concept isn’t a new one, the iPad presents a brand-new way to celebrate – said bridesmaid was not only able to watch the events, but actually participate! And, thanks to the iPad being as portable as it is, it’s a much easier method of doing so than, say, carrying around a laptop with webcams attached.

Renee says she felt as if she really was there. “I got all teary-eyed during the ceremony, and I couldn’t have gotten that from pictures.”


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