New Website Answers the Question “Can I Stream It?”

Finding out whether a particular movie is available for streaming is a surprisingly onerous task. Some content isn’t available at all, while other media is available on Hulu but not Amazon Prime, or Netflix but not iTunes. It’s enough to give anyone a headache. Thankfully, a new website called Can I Stream It? eliminates much of the hassle that comes with researching streaming options.

The concept is simple. Viewers enter a favorite flick into a search box and Can I Stream It? displays where the content is available for streaming, assuming it’s available at all. Iron Man 2, for example, is available on Netflix and Epix. The Help isn’t available for streaming, though Paranormal Activity 2 is up and running.

The service, which is free, includes results from such services as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, YouTube, Redbox, HBO Go, Showtime, and more. Feeling old school? Can I Stream It? also lists ways for viewers to buy or rent digital copies or purchase DVDs and Blu-Rays. The service is also available via free apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Fox News reports that the site also includes listings for TV shows, but I was unable to find any in the Can I Stream It? database. The site appeared to be experiencing a few bugs, so perphaps the lack of television content is just a glitch. Either way, Can I Stream It? sounds like a handy time saver.

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