Dating Site for “Ugly” People Announces Its First Engagement

The dating scene can be brutal, especially to people who aren’t considered “attractive”. But fear not: can help. The British web site was created to help “aesthetically challenged” people find true love, and now, they are announcing the first engagement of a couple who met on the site.

Tom Clifford, who had been single for twelve years, was using the site when he found Janine Walker’s profile in late August.  He sent her a message, and four dates later, the couple is engaged and will be married in December (sheesh, that’s a fast turnaround!).  The Ugly Bug Ball is giving the couple a free honeymoon to Borth, Wales.

Congratulations to the couple, but does anyone else see something seriously wrong with a dating website solely for “ugly” people? And the idea that those “ugly” people have to have low enough self esteem to actually sign up for the web site? It all seems kind of sad to me, “true love” or not (not to mention, the site's acronym is TUBB -- is that a fat joke?).

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