Helps You Choose When to Buy Electronics

When you’re waffling over when to buy that hot new tech toy, it might be helpful to have a way to know whether you should buy it now or wait a few months. Thankfully, is about to launch.

For the past two years, Decide has been tight-lipped about its business plans, yet managed to raise $8.5 million from Maveron, Madrona Venture Group, Google founding board member Ram Shriram, former Expedia CEO Erik Blachford, and other investors – all in the name of “building a revolutionary new shopping service that will bring unprecedented levels of transparency to electronics shopping.”

What does that mean? The goal of Decide is to offer a comparison shopping tool that will eradicate that feeling of buyer’s remorse – what if it goes on sale next week??

Using data mining techniques, Decide tells a consumer whether they should buy a device now, or wait until there’s a cheaper model on the market. It’s a helpful tool, especially when you consider that in 2010,  Decide observed that an average of six new laptops were released every day, plus one new TV and one new camera every other day. The struggle of decision making when buying electronics is something that many people have dealt with.

Using price prediction algorithms that take into account billions of observed price movements and over 40 distinct factors, Decide offers comprehensive predictions.

Decide was founded by Oren Etzioni – the former founder of Farecast (an airfare predictions service), Metacrawler (a metasearch engine), and Netbot – one of the Web’s first comparison shopping services.

Decide currently offers predictions for TVs, laptops, and cameras, but more electronics will be added later this year.

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