Disney Designs ‘Tron’ Shoe

Disney is collaborating with Canadian shoe designer Jerome Rousseau to make a shoe inspired by the upcoming movie Tron.  The shoe is named Quorra, after the female lead in the movie. 

The show is a strappy high-heel, and looks a bit, well, robotic. But the movie is set in the 80s and this is based on the movie, so I guess I get it.  Rousseau tells Footwear News (an actual news source!), “In keeping with my label’s strengths, I created a style that is distinctive and strong, like the architectural nature of Tron, yet anchored in feminine lines and luxurious constrcuctions.”

So essentially, it’s robotic looking, but still girly, because he didn’t want it to look like it was pulled right out of a video game. I don’t know if he succeeded, though. What do you think? Would you wear this Tron-inspired footwear?

The shoe doesn’t come cheap, though. Fans of the design will have to cough up a cool $795 for a pair.

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