“Window to the World” Allows Auto Passengers to Interact With the Outside World


Long car rides, especially those with children, are boring at best, grueling at worst. There’s little to do, few things to look at, and hours of childish whining to endure. However, interactive technology from Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design may soon change all that.

Dubbed “Window to the World,” the new concept allows passengers to interact with the outside world through the use of a touchscreen window. With it, passengers can trace outlines of objects they see outside, zoom in on distant scenery, learn the distance of faraway objects, and even identify buildings and animals they see outside. Pretty nifty. Window to the World will surely stave off impatient whining, a least for a little while. Check out the video below.

CNET reports that two prototypes of the interactive concept were on display last month at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, Belgium, though no word on when, or if, the concept will become a mainstream reality.

What do you think of the interactive concept? Fascinating fun or a useless (not to mention potentially unsafe) feature?

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