European iPhones Missed Daylight Savings, Users Slept In Instead

Reports from Europe say that a bug in the iPhone’s alarm app caused it to not adjust to Daylight Savings Time in that part of the world. Consequently, everyone slept an hour later than they should have. Daylight Savings Time went into effect on Sunday in Europe, but it goes into effect in the US next week, on November 7th. Due to the bug, clocks on the iPhone did not adjust to the new time.

Earlier in October, websites in Australia reported that an iPhone software bug caused alarms to go off an hour earlier than expected. Apparently, the bug/alarm mis-haps were only caused when users were using a repeating alarm for anything other than “every day.” What that means is if your alarm would not function properly if you had it set for, say, every weekday (that is, work weekday) or ‘every Monday’. 

That being said, Mashable has posted a list of the five best non-Apple alarm clock apps for your iPhone, just to be safe. If you’re in America, you may want to look into it before next weekend, since some bosses may not buy the “My iPhone ate my alarm!” excuse.

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