Facebook Rolls Out Creepy App: “Breakup Notifier”

You know how it goes. You’re vying for the attention of your beloved, but he or she is simply too smitten with their current squeeze to bat an eyelash at you. And, since information is super-ultra-mega private these days, especially revolving around Facebook, relationships, and relationships on Facebook, it’s understandable that you might be clamoring for a way to find out when your crush becomes romantically available.

Enter “Breakup Notifier.” Breakup Notifier is an app that users can install into their Facebook accounts that will tell them when their friends and (potential) lovers, well, break up.

Sound creepy? It’s because it is! In order to use the app, you first have to choose the friends you are interested in that are “taken.” Then, you’ll get an email whenever the relationship status of one of those friends changes.

What’s next? Sexuality notifier, for when you’re not sure if that blank space means they’re interested in men, women, or both? A political party notifier for when you want to find out which side of the fence your love interest is on?

If you ask me, all of this has to stop. Stalking people on the Internet is creepy to begin with, although extremely easy to do. This simply makes the already-skeevy activity even skeevier. People: get over it!

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