Facebook Gets a Bit Creepier with “Friendship Pages”

Every time Facebook rolls out a new feature, there’s usually a divide: some people are going to inevitably love it, while others are going to absolutely hate it and wish it didn’t exist.

Earlier this week, Facebook unleashed its new “Friendship Pages” feature, which allows users to view an entire relationship between two people, conveniently on one page. That includes wall posts, photo comments, pictures of the two people – pretty much every Facebook interaction between the two.

So what’s the point of it?

While Facebook says that it is a good way to track a couple who just got together, or who recently got engaged or married, I’m going to stick with my  opinion that it’s super creepy. For example: people may use Facebook to stalk down the signs that an ex-lover is moving on. Now, all you’ll have to do is click “view friendship” and shoved in your face will be any flirtations or sweettalking between your ex and his/her new flame. Not so healthy, if you ask me. It seems like it would be a hindrance to mental stability and/or getting over said broken relationship, since it makes dwelling that much easier.

Additionally, who really needs to see what you were saying to another person? Facebook is already rather public, so what’s the point in utilizing a new feature that simply makes it even MORE public? I thought Facebook was all about priva—Oh, what’s that? Facebook ISN’T about privacy? Oh, well… Now I get it.

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