Fandor Brings International and Indie Films to the Masses

If you’ve ever had trouble finding movies that you want to watch because your local video store won’t carry them, a streaming service (ahem) won’t stream them or offer them on DVD, or they’re just plain rare, you’re in luck! Fandor is the website you’ve been waiting for.

A curated website, Fandor offers international and indie movies for streaming, for free. Hover over the movie title, and you’ll see a brief description of the film – perfect if you’re not looking for a specific film. The description blurb tells you who the director is, how long the film is, and a short synopsis.

Fandor offers a wealth of films, and should you be a little bit lost (especially if you’re just getting into this category of movie), there are tabs that offer “featured films” as well as ‘popular films.” If you’re not new to the scene and have already seen quite a few, you might like the “recently added” section the best.

The featured films section boasts a “carefully picked sampling of the Fandor library endorsed by [the site’s] knowledgeable team of curators. So, unlike other services that offer you suggestions based on what you’ve already watched or rated (and maybe it’s just me, but those suggestions are usually quite off the mark), there are professionals waiting for you to find the perfect movie.

Check out today!

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