Five Ways NFC Technology Can Enhance, Simplify Life

More and more, tech toys are being presented as having NFC functionality, and that’s pretty cool. But…what the heck does it mean?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a way for devices to transmit and receive very small pieces of information, wirelessly, in very close ranges.  As in, centimeters apart.

Instead of trying to get super technological on you here (not really my style!), I’m just going to list off five cool ways NFC can change, simplify, or enhance your life.

1)   Banking and mobile payments. This is already in the process of being enabled, as credit card companies like Visa are already pushing the contactless technology. What’s it mean? It means you won’t really need a wallet anymore, unless you love using cash (or carrying other cards). In short, take out your phone, swipe it by the register at a store, and be on your merry way shopping. Pretty convenient.

2)   Keys. If you’re like me, you misplace your house or car keys at least two or three times a week. If you’re not like me, congratulations. But, the fact is that many of us carry around a lot of keys. NFC technology would work with keys in the same method that key cards work – like that card you use to get into work. One click and you’re in. How convenient would that be?

3)   Pet tags. Again, if you’re like me, you’re kind of paranoid that your dog is going to run off someday never to be found again. That’s why I have my best pal microchipped. But, what if he had an RFID tag in his collar? Then, whoever found him could use their phone to pull up information like the pet’s vet records and contact info for its owners. No more “this dog followed me home, let’s keep him” (or at least, not with honest people, anyways).

4)   Contact exchange. Picture this scenario: you’re at a loud bar, and you’re trying to exchange information with the man/woman of your dreams. After several attempts, you can’t hear them shout their number. You could try the ol’ they-call-you-then-you-call-them trick, but even then, you’re left without a name. NFC technology would enable you to turn on the contact exchange mode and swap digits more easily.

5)   Doctor visits and hospital stays. If your medical bracelet had more information than just your name and phone number (or address.. or, you know, what IS on those bracelets, anyways?) on it? What if your doctor was able to pull up your file with your entire medical history on it, using his phone, wirelessly? This would especially be nice if you were seeing multiple doctors or specialists, so the same treatments aren’t given or potentially dangerous prescriptions aren’t prescribed.

Overall, there are probably a ton more ways the NFC technology could enhance your life. These are just five that I think people would use most often. What would you like to use NFC technology most for in your life?  

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