Google Flights Helps You Find Cheap Airfare

By now, there are at least half a dozen websites out there that help you search for cheap flights. But until now, Google hadn’t offered the same service. Now, the big G is here to help you get from point A to point B for less money  (so long as those points are located within the continental U.S.).

Google Flights lets you use search parameters including nonstop, 1-stop, or 2-stop flights, different airlines, where you’d like your theoretical layover to be, and when you’d like to leave and return (hours, not days, that is).

The application also lets you enter a price that you’re hoping to get – For example, if you type in $200, it will only show you flights that cost $200 or less.  Once you’ve found flights you want to book, Google Flights takes you to the airline’s or airlines’ website(s), where you can easily book your trip.

So, next time you want to find a great deal on airfare, make sure to check out Google Flights!

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