Google Unveils Project Glass, Augmented-Reality Eyewear

Yesterday, Google gave the world a peek at Project Glass, augmented-reality glasses that allow users to stream information to the glasses’ lenses and send and receive messages via voice commands. Though the prototype might look like a prop from a science fiction movie, it's fully functional and another example of how once fictional technologies are becoming modern-day realities.    

In the Project Glass demonstration video (below), a man strolls about the city, sending and receiving messages, checking the weather, receiving transportation updates, accessing directions, and taking photos, all through the power of his voice and eyes. He concludes the relaxing day by video chatting with his girlfriend and sharing his view of the city sunset.
No word on when, or even if, Google will sell the high-tech glasses. Right now, the company is testing them in public and soliciting feedback from average Joes. Give your two cents here.

Though the glasses certainly have their advantages, it’s not difficult to see how they could be a nuisance as well (which Tom Scott demonstrates in the second video below). Thanks to texting, distracted drivers are already plowing their cars into other commuters. It seems augmented-reality glasses would only make things worse. Plus, people already spend too much time staring at their smart phones when out with friends. Are they going to be staring off into space now? Project Glass also seems to foster a certain kind of dependence. In the video, the user asks the glasses to find him the music section of the book store, rather than walk two aisles over and find it himself. Call me an old crank, but that seems a bit foolish and lazy.

What do you think of Project Glass?

Source: New York Times

Photo: Google

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