HBO Go Coming to iPads, Smartphones

According to a teaser video posted by HBO (below), the premium cable network will soon allow subscribers to stream HBO shows and movies to their smartphones, iPads, and laptops via the video streaming service HBO Go.

Enjoy “instant and unlimited access to the best that HBO has to offer,” the video boasts. “Get every episode of every season of your favorite HBO shows, plus hit movies and much more. All free to HBO subscribers and all streaming on your iPad, laptop, or smartphone wherever you are."

Though HBO hasn’t responded to requests for information about access and the official launch date, the “wherever you are” promise suggests HBO Go will be available over 3G. The service will also presumably launch on May 2, 2011 as that’s the date that flashes at the end of 0:37 teaser video.

HBO Go, a service that currently allows people to stream 1,400 HBO shows, documentaries, and movies over the Web, has been available to Comcast and DirecTV subscribers since February 2010. It’s one of the only ways to view HBO programming as the network has so far refused to release content to Netflix, citing a need for exclusivity.

"HBO believes in content exclusivity, especially for high-value content,” Jeff Cusson, HBO senior vice president of corporate affairs told The Hollywood Reporter in January. The company "has no intention of making its content available for streaming on Netflix."

A full catalog of True Blood, Sex and the City, and Entourage, plus movies and documentaries? Sounds intriguing. It almost makes me wish I was an HBO subscriber.

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