HP Introduces 10-inch webOS Tablet

The iPad is currently dominating the Tablet market, but it seems that HP is looking to sway some of the i-Lovers with their own version, the TouchPad.

The TouchPad is 1.6 pounds and measures 9.7” (1024x768 resolution) and has a 1.3 megapixel webcam, video calling and other specs similar to the iPad. It also includes wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, the option of 16GB or 32GB storage space.

WebOs works on a tablet similar to how it works on webOS phones – the cards are still there, representing open applications, and you close apps the same way you do as on webOS phones – by flicking them off the screen. Synergy also syncs your info from the webOS phone to the TouchPad.

The interface looks strikingly similar to the iPad, specifically in terms of the mail client, and there are also accessories available such as a TouchPad atand and a Bluetooth keyboard. The dock also charges via Touchstone, HP’s wireless charging dock.

Overall, the similarities are hard to ignore. But, since the TouchPad syncs with webOS phones like the Pre 3, you can receive your text messages and phone calls over Bluetooth, so you wouldn’t need to get your phone from your pocket if you’re already on your tablet.

Another big difference is that the TouchPad supports Flash. This is a huge plus, considering neither the iPhone nor iPad support Flash. There are also different keyboard size options, which will accommodate bigger or smaller hands.

This tablet will launch mid-2011, but a price has not yet been announced.

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