i3D Turns iPhone, iPad2 Into 3-D Display

More news on the 3-D front. i3D, a free new app available for download, can turn your iPhone or iPad2 into a 3-D display, all without the use of those goofy glasses.

The app works by tracking a user’s head movements through the device’s camera and then calculating what the picture on the display should look like. The result is an illusion that makes viewers feel they are gazing at a 3-D image on their iOS device. Check out the demonstration video below.

While users won’t exactly duck at the 3-D images, the result is still pretty impressive. Especially considering that it doesn’t require glasses or a special screen. The app is compatible with the iPad 2, as well as the iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch. First-generation iPad owners are out of luck, as there is no front camera on the device. Of course, you could always sell your iPad on Gazelle or Amazon and use the cash to get the second-generation iPad!

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