iPhone Location Tracker Cannot Be Successfully Disabled

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We previously told you about the iPhone and iPad location tracking that Apple has installed on the devices unbeknownst to consumers. Last week, when the applications were discovered there was a scramble to figure out how to shut down the tracker. Well, after some initial testing it appears that the tracking application continues to work even after it has been turned off.

The Wall Street Journal ran a few tests to determine if the location tracker would stop running once the feature had been turned off. What they found was that it continued to record the location data has they moved from one spot to another. However, the data collected wasn’t spot on accurate.

So it seems that consumers are at a loss to prevent their whereabouts from being tracked. There is a third party unauthorized app one could install, but then that adds to other concerns.

While most say that they just weren’t aware others say there is no excuse. The information can be read in the end user licensing agreement. Sadly, the reality is that people will breeze right through the fine print.

Apple still has not said why they are collecting the data or what they intend to use it for.

Congress is now looking into the issue. They would like to know why the data is being recorded, how it is being used and why “Apple consumers were never affirmatively informed of the collection and retention of their location data in this manner.”

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