iPod Classic To Retire or Refresh

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According to the site AppleBitch, supplies of the iPod Classic are running low. Retailers such as Target do not have any in stock, while Amazon has the 160GB Classic on sale, the shipping window is 2-4 weeks.  If you are not partial to a color choice it appears you can get the darker colored version fairly easily.

The last update for the Classic was September of 2009 and it was anticipated to be refreshed at the September 2010 Apple event. The refresh was not revealed.  Some speculation is that Apple may be in the process of updating the Classic now that Toshiba has updated their 1.8 inch hard drives to 220GB.

Another thought is that the Classic could be retired shortly. Apple is moving away from hard drives in their mobile devices and focusing more on flash based memory.

It is not clear if the iPod Classic even has a place in the new line up. The new iPhone 5 will see an increase in flash storage up to 64BG matching the new iPod Touch.  Apple could decide to support the Touch for future generations and let the Classic go anyway.

Even still there is a niche for the Classic among music enthusiasts with large collections to house. They would probably appreciate an upgrade to 220BG rather than see the original iPod be sent to pasture.


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